RE-FRAMED: Quadre Curry Solo Exhibition

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022 | DETROIT – Irwin House Gallery is proud to introduce the art of local emerging artist, Quadre Curry, in a solo exhibition opening on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 6:00 pm. RE-FRAMED, the exhibition’s title, speaks to the unconventional structure of much of Curry’s work and promises a creative and hopeful reconstruction of the past and future. The exhibition features 25 new works combining figurative, fine art painting with sculptural processes and highlighting the artist’s exploration of mixed materials.

As a twenty-four-year-old Black bisexual man entering the depths of adulthood, Quadre Curry uses his art to express his unique perceptions of the world. “When I look out, I see such stark contrasts: There is a significant awakening in the human psyche while politics remain stagnant and, in some places, move backwards; Extreme luxury and comfort alongside growing poverty and wealth gaps; A revolution in the understanding of gender and sexuality while LGBTQ members rank highest in suicide rates. We live in the age where anything we want to know is at our fingertips, yet we suffer more than any generation when it comes to the spread and validation of misinformation.”  These are perspectives that drive Curry’s creative process and have allowed him to conceive the underlying theme for this exhibition, which dares to step outside the lines of convention and imagine our joint hopes for the future.

Common design elements can be found throughout the work. Smaller paintings – which the artist considers “studies” – focus heavily on the elements themselves, while some of the larger paintings offer scenes that pull the viewer into deeper personal and historical narratives. Each work is anchored by realism and bound by conceptual markings and imagery. Curry allows these scenes to be interrupted and intertwined with brilliant gold texture that adds dimension to each story and allows his subjects to exist outside of reality in an abstract environment.

In this series, the artist works with gold, not only as a design component, but as a symbol of both the toil and glory of Africa – the nation that birthed the gold and diamonds that defined and begat modern day currency. To this end, each piece is laced in intricate gold accents to pay homage his ancestors and reconnect with the lost knowledge and lineage of a culture. Some compositions visually honor the resilience of past generations, while others are used to bring home the idea of an opulence and abundance in the afro-future.

“When I think back to that contrast, I imagine a country being pulled in two different directions,” Curry summarizes. “It’s up to me, and others who care enough about the future, to do our part in guiding this ship and preserving the dreams of our grandchildren the way our grandparents did for us.”

“Quadre Curry is an artist in the process of realizing himself as a Black man in America, while expanding on the purpose and direction of his art – doing both with finesse and an open heart,” states Gallery Director, Omo Misha. “We want to continue to be a place where promising artists, like Quadre, can perform their authentic selves, present and, most importantly, grow and be encouraged. We look forward to what the future holds for this artist and we are happy to help give him this start.”

Quadre Curry grew up with his mother and grandparents between the Eastside of Detroit and Lilburn, Georgia, also spending time with his father in Highland Park. He received his BA in Visual & Performing Arts from Albany State University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Museum Studies at Johns Hopkin University. Curry is a proud member of the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club and has participated in local group exhibits throughout the past year, as well as special projects at Irwin House Gallery. This is his first solo exhibition.

RE-FRAMED opens on Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm and runs through May 30, 2022. Selected works will remain on view in the gallery’s 2nd Level Parlour through June 30, 2022. RE-FRAMED general hours of operation are 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm May 22-30 (closed on Monday, May 23rd). Any inquiries may be directed to Gallery Director, Misha McGlown at or 313.932.7690. Irwin House Global Art Center & Gallery, 2351 W. Grand Blvd. (between LaSalle & Linwood), Detroit, MI 48208 | FB + IG: @irwinhousegallery | View the Facebook invitation HERE.