A Very NASP Saturday on March 5th

Irwin House Global Art Center & Gallery is a not-for-profit art space producing art exhibits and multi-media programs that explore cultural and historical content and give voice and a sense of place for minority interests and concerns. The gallery helps support artists through its Artist-In-Residency program – which invites local, national and global artists to the space for the development of new projects and to contribute to the cultural wealth of Detroit City. Founded in 1974, The National Conference of Artists Michigan (NCA) serves to preserve, promote and develop African American culture through the visual arts and to foster the creative forces of artists emanating from the diaspora and the African World Experience. It is a not-for-profit organization that networks with artists throughout Michigan, nationally, and internationally. Where We At has been juried by Kresge Eminent Artist and NCA of Michigan co-founder, Shirley Woodson-Reid and supported in part by NASP Detroit (National Association of Securities Professionals) – a cultural and community partner of Irwin House Gallery championing the mission of inclusion and business diversity.