Thank You Kiva Lenders!

On June 21, 2019 the Irwin House Gallery fully repaid its $4000 Kiva Loan! This loan was pieced together by sixty-one (61) personal friends, new acquaintances, and trusting supporters in $25 applications. Amazingly, the loan was fully funded within one week, Kiva disbursed the funds and we were able to begin putting those dollars to use immediately (yaaaaaaay!). Kiva is a magical little platform that demonstrates how much we can empower each other with very little. We have been able to witness and experience this, firsthand, and proudly pay it forward!

The loan helped us to complete our primary gallery space, including electrical and lighting, construction of walls and ceilings, exterior improvements, and more. With these developments, we actually opened the gallery and were able to host our inaugural exhibition – Aretha SuperNatural: Tribute to the Queen.  The work continues, but we have remained open  to serve the community and the West End Detroit neighborhood in the process. Sixty-one small votes of confidence helped to make this happen!

Thank you so much to Kiva for creating a space for global entrepreneurs to receive support and also help each other (while repaying our loan, we helped fund eight other Kiva campaigns!). We would also like to extend a special thanks to NYC Business Solutions – Harlem Center for endorsing this effort from New York to Detroit. And thank you lenders, far and wide, for believing in and contributing to our project. We encourage you to continue to visit the Kiva site and search for borrowers throughout the world  who need your support, and whose lives you can change with as little as $25!

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of what our Kiva loan helped us to accomplish:

Thank you again! We look forward to keeping in touch!

The Irwin House Global Art Center & Gallery

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  1. The front door is amazing. Your self portrait is simply beautiful. I am always in awe of talented people so I find great pleasure in helping them achieve their dream. Namaste.

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