THIS IS WHERE I’M AT feat. Elonte Davis @ The Carr Center

THIS IS WHERE I’M AT and this is what I’m doing is a multi-media exhibition featuring the work of emerging Detroit photographer, Elonte Davis. The exhibition launches at The Carr Center with up to 65 candid photographs of local children engaged in ordinary, everyday moments at home and in Detroit’s neighborhoods and public spaces. Videos culled from the photographer’s experiences with his young subjects and their families will provide a soundscape and multi-layered experience of Black kinship, childhood, and family dynamics as well as the joy, individuality, vulnerability, hope and humanity of a range of the inner-city’s youngest citizens.

Organized by Detroit’s Irwin House Gallery with Steed Society Art, this is a traveling exhibition that hopes to expand and encompass youth in urban landscapes across the country including, but not limited to, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Together, we hope that Davis’ unfiltered photographic eye will engender empathy and appreciation between Greater Detroit’s diverse populations, while serving as a historical record of life in the city for many Detroit and turning an eye towards Black futures across the globe.

Opening Reception: Friday, July 28, 2023
6:00 – 9:00 PM
The Carr Center 15 E. Kirby @ The Park Shelton, Detroit, MI 48202