Irwin House to honor John Sims | Bridge Detroit

Irwin House Gallery held a memorial in honor of John Sims earlier this month, but will host another event Feb.13 on what would’ve been Sims’ 55th birthday. Beginning at 6 p.m., the Irwin House event will be similar to a party Sims held every year called the “Square Root of Love,” where guests listen to love poems, engage in discussions and enjoy some wine, she said. The event will be hosted by community organizer and poet Brittini Ward, who was a poet laureate for one of the gallery’s past exhibits. 

“Just like many of us from humble beginnings, he’s a product of our Detroit neighborhoods and Detroit Public Schools,” McGlown said. “He was able to take that upbringing and sense of self that people have who grew up in Detroit…and really take that out into the world and do incredible work.”