Metro Times Honors John Sims in Cover Story

Read more about Sims on their website here.

This week’s Metro Times cover story is a tribute to the late Detroit artist and activist John Sims, who died last month at the age of 54. It was written by Omo Misha, Director of the Irwin House Gallery, where Sims was an Artist-in-Residence and co-curator. The cover art was created by Shawn D. Barber or California, who was a student and friend of Sims.

While a memorial event was held for Sims at the gallery over the weekend, Misha says another opportunity to remember the artist will come on Monday, Feb. 13 — what would have been Sims’s birthday.

“John touched so many lives, across disciplines, continents, racial, and cultural lines,” Misha says. “Even in his physical absence, he is bringing creative communities together. Many of us are bonded, I believe, in the spirit of moving his work and visions forward.”