Come for the HUE:::INTUITION Book Signing: Stay for the HEART Public Art Unveling!

2 PM SATURDAY MAY 29, 2021 — Irwin House Gallery is proud to welcome artist, Priscilla A. Phifer for her first appearance and signing of the second and final print run of HUE:::INTUITION!

Assembled throughout the tumultuous year of 2020, HUE:::INTUITION hit the shelves earlier this year and became a hard and fast Collector’s Item — and for good reason! The book sold out quickly via on-line sales and book events at Hannan CenterUmoja Fine Arts and other cultural spaces. We have all awaited a second (and final!) print of HUE:::INTUITION and, at last, it is here!

HERE ARE SOME TIPS: 1) If you already have a copy, you may one to get another for posterity. 2) If you are an art-enthusiast and HUE:::INTUITION is not yet on your bookshelf or coffee table, please know that your collection is not complete without it. 3) This is the LAST print of the book. You may pay a premium (not here, but somewhere!) if you don’t get your copy now.

This is a beautiful publication, not only about this amazing artist and her work, but about ALL OF US that keep Detroit’s creative fire burning LIKE NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

View the invite and RSVP HERE.

5 PM SATURDAY MAY 29, 2021 — As part of the Closing reception for our Move The World Exhibition, Detroit artists came together to express themselves in Live Art afternoon on the gallery grounds. Panels created by the artists during that event will be installed as part of a 6 month long Public Art Exhibition entitled HEART, celebrating Detroit artists as the heartbeat and lifeblood of the city.


Participating artists include Allen Williams, Brittini Ward, Cameron Jenkins, Errin Whitaker, Demien De Yonte, Hosanna Kline, Kayla Childress, Kirah Price, Maliek Phillips, Marta Carvajal, Matthew Hughes, Nonnie Williams, Oscar Lopez, Scott McDuffee, Warren Wells, and ZurixZuri. The event includes Pop-Up Tacos by B. Vegan, art-making for youth & community from 5-7 pm, and music vibes provided by DJ Blaaq Gold. | View the Facebook invitation HERE.

Enjoy this awesome video of the live art-making event: HERE!