Move The World: Meet Yasmine Lancaster @youwannatellher

“The origins of YouWannaTellHer Instagram page began as a promotional page for a visual project of men reading a collection of poems I wrote that explore the subject of Love, and all its incarnations. Because I am a writer  and IG is a visual medium, it wasn’t enough for me to simply post the photographs – I also intended to explore the idea and feelings that the photographs evoked through text. Sometimes the point of view is that of a man expressing his feelings, other times it’s a woman. However, all begin with the tag line “YouWannaTellHer”. The page has evolved over the years: Initially being a page that highlighted all women, very quickly, within weeks, the post began to highlight Black Women across time and space – from West Africa to the Bronx. My aim with this page is to show the complexity, the beauty, the sensuality, sexuality,  victories won and the crushing injustices experienced. It’s my hope that my page can add a layer to the visual representation of Black Women to highlight our complexity and move beyond stereotypical depictions. I am in love with Black Women because I am a Black Woman and if you feel the same way I do go ahead and tell her. She needs to hear that declaration.” – Yasmine Lancaster


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