“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Hosanna Kline

If you haven’t been able to make it to the Gift of Art show, or just want a second look, you can peruse (and shop!) all the artists right here! Meet Hosanna Kline, one of 20 Gift of Art artists who came to show off and share their art with you this holiday season…

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Hosanna Kline. Speramus Meliora, 2020. 14″ x 18″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $380

Emerging artist and student, Hosanna Kline, uses art and explores new mediums to express a fleeting moment or even deep emotion. Being able to use her hands to portray something that may not be visible to all gives her a sense of control and clarity within her emotions.  Kline strives to be able to connect with viewers even if they feel something completely different when looking at her work. As she continues to explore art – whether it be in ceramics, painting, or even drawing – she  hopes to discover more about herself as well as connect with people who love to feel as much as she does.

Hosanna Kline. Passing Through, 2020. 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas, framed.  $280

“This piece portrays how physical appearance is something that is always changing and that our bodies are just vessels for us to experience a world of emotions. Looking at my body I never see a still being, I see someone moving and growing constantly. “

Hosanna Kline. Please Don’t Let Go, 2020. 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas, framed.  $220

“This is a study of hands with the use of color to show how two people can experience so much emotion in such a short amount of time even though it may feel like eternity. Although it may feel like life will not exist when letting go, the colors will always still be there, they just may flow in new ways.”

 Hosanna Kline. Study of Wayne Thiebaud, 2020. 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $340

“This was a study done from the artist Wayne Thiebaud and how colors can be layered to give off certain intestines with a thick application of a solid color in the end with minimal  blending. The thick application made me realize not everything has to be perfectly blended out in life, we can have sharp edges, bright colors, and visible paint strokes.”
SOLD!!! — Hosanna Kline. Resurget Cinerbus, 2020. 20″ x 24″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $460

SOLD!!! — Hosanna Kline. Resurget Cinerbus, 2020. 20″ x 24″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $460 (pictured left)

Speramus Meliora, meaning “We hope for better things”, comes from the flag of Detroit. When the portrait was painted life was not where it should be but hope was in the future no matter how far that may be. Connected to the painting Resurget Cineribusmeaning “It will rise from the ashes”, comes from the flag of Detroit. On November 2nd, 2020, the historic Little Wedding Chapel began to burn along with all memories linked. Although memories were lost and ties were cut, life can still be beautiful and grow from something lost.”


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