“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Kayla Childress

Come see us to view the Gift of Art Exhibition in person, or meet the artists (and purchase!) right here on-line. Please allow us to introduce you to Kayla Childress, a featured artist in the show. Check out her work and statements below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of her art, Happy Holidays and stay safe!

IG: @kaylalynnexoxo

An emerging and studying artist, Kayla Childress applies her growing understanding of art through different media and techniques. Varying styles allow Childress to tell deeply meaningful and autobiographical stories, and portray what she envisions for the compositional aspects or the emotion in her art.  She currently enjoys using a wide range of mediums from different paints, mixed medias, inks, charcoal, clay or anything that just “feels right” to complete an idea. The progression of each work, and the feelings that come out of it, pushes her toward new concepts, broader forms of expression, and fresh ways to express herself within her art.

Kayla Childress. Ubiquitous, 2020. 30″ x 32″  Acrylic on canvas. $450

Thank you to my dearest friend who inspired the manifestations with in “Ubiquitous”. I really wanted to show that the portrait study was influenced constantly by blue from anywhere and everywhere as anentire being. That blue isn’t just a color for Lucritia, its her grandmothers glass, happiness, blue is the colors of her walls, or a lyric by her favorite artist, blue brings her pure comfort. Just like the blue in her life this portrait has extended far becoming this final form from photos, multimedia, a poem, to outlines, and now this painting. However far the progression of this piece has gone its always stayed blue, just like my dearest friend making me a little blue too. “Blue is the depths of the seas and the heights of the sky, Blue is hello and it is goodbye, Blue is the beginning and the end, Blue is my dearest friend” — Lucritia Trotter

Kayla Childress. Free Soul, 2020. (3x)4″ x 12″  Gouache on canvas. $150

Colors moving through and around your entire being. Different hues and tints while the sun rises and while the sun sets. Streets make me feel safe and the colors in the city make me feel free. Color is everywhere even through me.

SOLD!!! — Kayla Childress. Twin Flame, 2020. 29.5″ x 51″  Oil on canvas, framed. $500

This artwork is a representation of being able to be with your soul mate, and not allowing the world to disadvantage you for it. In October 2020 me and my wife had photos taken for our 6th year wedding anniversary. Even with our marriage being unsoundly threatened at the state to be unrecognizable by our government, we reflected and hoped that humans will still advance. There once was no fire and now there’s not enough equal human rights. Hope is all we can have for worldly views advancing because our love is something special that I know will never die out, and not even the government could extinguish it.

Kayla Childress. Chronic Depression, 2020. 33″ x 26.5″  Acrylic on canvas, framed. $380

I painted this at a time in my life when I felt pushed down by depression but accepted peace in knowing that the storm would be calm once again. “Chronically loosing grip on what is real, it’s hard to understand exactly how to feel, the waves are great heights I am drowning – sinking fast, yet I know, this too shall pass.”

SOLD!!! — Kayla Childress. Christmas Wallflower, 2020. 20″ x 24″  Oil on canvas. $200

This piece is about wanting more than just a search for happiness within the Christmas spirit of trees. Its also about the pressure that holidays entail while still willingly choosing to participate. I feel like a Christmas Wallflower because I am a (wallflower) – “someone with an introverted personality type (or in more extreme cases, social anxiety) who will attend parties and social gatherings, but will usually distance themselves from the crowd and actively avoid being in the limelight.”.

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