DETROIT FUTURE HISTORY Artist Talk with Darin Darby and Delores Slowinski

Saturday, October 6th, we held our first public program for the DETROIT FUTURE HISTORY Exhibit: An Artist talk with two of the featured artists from the exhibit, Darin Darby and Delores Slowinski. Both shared insights into their creative process and the meanings, inspiration, and Detroit connections within their work. Portrait photographer, Jeff Cancelosi, captured some thoughtful and expressive photos of the afternoon.
Detroit-born Darin Darby discusses his unique Laypuzzim® (layered puzzled image process). He creates this work by cutting textured card stock paper, mat board, or wood; each individual value in the art piece is hand-cut, layered, and puzzled together to create an image using negative space. Much of Darby’s current artwork is inspired by childhood events that took place in the city of Detroit. (Photo: Jeff Cancelosi)

Artist, Dolores Slowinski grew up in a white, Polish, Roman Catholic ghetto on the West Side of Detroit in the 1950s. Armed with Detroit census data, Slowinski uses needle and thread to dispel childhood myths and document the neighborhood’s changes in race and population over a 50 year period.  (Photo: Jeff Cancelosi)

DETROIT FUTURE HISTORY artists include Brian Nickson, Carolyn Thompson, Damon Chamblis, Darin Darby, Dolores Slowinski, James Charles, Morris, Jeni Wheeler, Jonathan Harris, Jon DeBoer, John Sims, Kathleen Rashid, Lance Johnson, Melissa Vize, Robert W. Clark III and Waleed Johnson with special contributions by Eric’s I’ve Been Framed, M.L. Liebler, and the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN).

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