“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Errin Whitaker

The Gift of Art Exhibition includes the work of 20 remarkable artists, representing the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club (DFABC) and beyond. This show, literally, has something for everyone! Perhaps you’ve been to see it, need another look, or haven’t been able to make it out at all. Either way, you can enjoy the full show, and all it has to offer, RIGHT HERE! Meet featured artist, Errin Whitaker, view and shop his work below…

IG: @brotherlightheart
Errin WhitakerBrother, 2020. Acrylic, Gold Leaf, resin, paper on canvas. $333

Errin Whitaker describes himself as a “proud black man from Flint, Michigan.” He remembers creating his first piece of art when he was 5 or 6-years-old. His grandmother had him draw a dream he had of a man having a house on the moon. It’s an experience that he said has stuck with him his entire life.

With a background in community development and education, Whitaker graduated from Oakland University and went on to receive his master’s degree in elementary education from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. But it was his time in high school – when he was able to stay with his grandmother, an arts educator – that had the greatest influence on his artistic life.

Through his art, Whitaker is committed to memorializing history and honoring the collective African American present and past. His style plays off of 6 years of personal study, traveling the United States admiring works in the major museums across the country, and making a point to explore the spectacular murals and public art sites in every city he visited.  Involvement in galleries/museums such as Norwest Gallery Of Arts and Black Wall Street Gallery Of Arts have also played an important role in his practice. Whitaker’s work has been featured throughout the country, including the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club.

Errin Whitaker. Reign of the Future, 2020. Mixed media: Acrylic, plastic, resin on wood. $555 OBO

Errin Whitaker. Eye For An Eye, 2020. Mixed media: Acrylic, house paint, wood, on canvas. $444 OBO

Errin Whitaker. Black Boy Joy/Wonder, 2020. Acrylic, polyurethaneon wood. $777 OBO

“My particular art work focuses on the beautification and style of African Americans. I enjoy piecing together many different materials tied to my environment and identity; the usage of collage, portrait, abstract, and installation art.  My main influences are the greats and many spectacular artists before me such as Romare Beardon,  Beardon influences me to make work which speaks to things in the community, while raising awareness of injustice around the world, particularly within the African American Community.” — Errin Whitaker

Errin Whitaker. The Price of It All, 2020. Mixed media: Acrylic, plastic, resin on wood. $666 OBO
Errin Whitaker. Smiled Upon, 2020. Mixed media: Acrylic, on canvas. $444

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Hosanna Kline

If you haven’t been able to make it to the Gift of Art show, or just want a second look, you can peruse (and shop!) all the artists right here! Meet Hosanna Kline, one of 20 Gift of Art artists who came to show off and share their art with you this holiday season…

IG: @hosannabananas

Hosanna Kline. Speramus Meliora, 2020. 14″ x 18″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $380

Emerging artist and student, Hosanna Kline, uses art and explores new mediums to express a fleeting moment or even deep emotion. Being able to use her hands to portray something that may not be visible to all gives her a sense of control and clarity within her emotions.  Kline strives to be able to connect with viewers even if they feel something completely different when looking at her work. As she continues to explore art – whether it be in ceramics, painting, or even drawing – she  hopes to discover more about herself as well as connect with people who love to feel as much as she does.

Hosanna Kline. Passing Through, 2020. 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas, framed.  $280

“This piece portrays how physical appearance is something that is always changing and that our bodies are just vessels for us to experience a world of emotions. Looking at my body I never see a still being, I see someone moving and growing constantly. “

Hosanna Kline. Please Don’t Let Go, 2020. 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas, framed.  $220

“This is a study of hands with the use of color to show how two people can experience so much emotion in such a short amount of time even though it may feel like eternity. Although it may feel like life will not exist when letting go, the colors will always still be there, they just may flow in new ways.”

 Hosanna Kline. Study of Wayne Thiebaud, 2020. 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $340

“This was a study done from the artist Wayne Thiebaud and how colors can be layered to give off certain intestines with a thick application of a solid color in the end with minimal  blending. The thick application made me realize not everything has to be perfectly blended out in life, we can have sharp edges, bright colors, and visible paint strokes.”
SOLD!!! — Hosanna Kline. Resurget Cinerbus, 2020. 20″ x 24″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $460

SOLD!!! — Hosanna Kline. Resurget Cinerbus, 2020. 20″ x 24″ Oil on canvas, framed.  $460 (pictured left)

Speramus Meliora, meaning “We hope for better things”, comes from the flag of Detroit. When the portrait was painted life was not where it should be but hope was in the future no matter how far that may be. Connected to the painting Resurget Cineribusmeaning “It will rise from the ashes”, comes from the flag of Detroit. On November 2nd, 2020, the historic Little Wedding Chapel began to burn along with all memories linked. Although memories were lost and ties were cut, life can still be beautiful and grow from something lost.”


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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Amanda Koss

The Gift of Art Exhibition has brought together artists of all backgrounds, genres, and points of view. Amanda Koss is just one of 20 artists who came to show off! You can view (and purchase!) her abstract work below. ENJOY!


Amanda Koss. King, 2020. 10″ x 20″ Mixed media on canvas. $150

Michigan born and raised Amanda Koss is an abstract intuitive artist: She paints what she feels and what is going on around her, often using found objects to apply paint and incorporating different media into the work. Koss has a professional background in graphic design and worked in the field for about 10 years. She combines her design knowledge into her pieces, as well as getting tech involved. One of her best tools is her iPad Pro, which gives her the capability to use digital layers to execute possibilities within the paintings. Amanda often finds herself inspired after an awesome yoga session or after taking a walk through the city. She loves working with color, and exploring the structure of the city to incorporate into her artwork.

Amanda Koss. Rife, 2020. 24″ x 24″  Mixed media on canvas. $345

Amanda Koss. Golden Corridor, 2020. 24″ x 36″  Mixed media on canvas. $499
Amanda Koss. Keep Moving, , 2020. 16″ x 16″  Mixed media on canvas. $187

Amanda Koss. Campfire, 2020. 24″ x 24″  Mixed media on canvas. $288 

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Cameron Jenkins

We are happy to make this entire exhibition available to you on-line. Take your time to meet all 20 Gift of Art artists and get acquainted with their works! Please allow us to introduce you to Cameron Jenkins. Read on and ENJOY!

IG: @cljenkins_

SOLD!!! — Cameron Jenkins. No Sleep, 2020. 16″ x 20″  Colored pencil on paper, framed.  $275

Cameron Jenkins, 24, from Farmington, Michigan, has enjoyed creating art since his early elementary school days, but it wasn’t until college that he started taking art seriously. Everyday struggles and joys motivated him to create series that incorporate elements of illustrative forms, surrealistic concepts and metaphorical symbolism inspired by love, music, and nostalgia. He uses a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, graphic design, video and music to document human experiences; viewers feel empowered by the narratives attached to each piece. This artist believes that self-expression through creation has therapeutic value for those who are healing or seeking a deeper understanding of themselves. For Jenkins, part of the satisfaction of making art is meeting new people and sharing in their experiences. He studied art at the Kendall College of Art and Design at Ferris State University and graphic design at Wayne State University. Jenkins shares an equal passion for music and often “mentally combines” tracks and topics to inspire new pieces. His work was first recognized in 2013 in NAACP’s National ACT-SO Competition placing first in sculpture for his ability to capture profound narratives through unique visuals. He would go on to showcase in many exhibitions around Michigan and New York. Cameron has also collaborated on murals within the Metro Detroit area, working with organizations such as Bagger Dave’s Tavern and providing graphic visuals for automotive supplier Thyssenkrupp. Jenkins has also connected with a wide variety of musicians such as Ab-Soul, Dawn Richard, Legacy and SZA. Most recently his work was displayed in New York’s Bortolami Gallery during the 2020 Visual Aids Postcards From the Edge Exhibition.

Cameron Jenkins.
 Killa, 2020. 22″ x 28″  Colored pencil and ink on paper, framed.  $500

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Donald Calloway

There are twenty amazing artists in the Gift of Art Show – each expressing their own style, media, and narratives. If you don’t believe us, you can view (and purchase!) them all right here OR visit the gallery through January 3rd. Among the twenty, we are proud to host Detroit artist, Donald Calloway, with a few pieces that speak to the spirit of the season and the spirit of a people. Read on to check out Calloway’s work:


SOLD!!! — Donald Calloway. Kids on the Block. 4″ x 4″ ea.  Acrylic, mixed-media on wood. $295

Painter and sculptural artist, Donald Calloway, has been essential in the Detroit arts community for nearly thirty years. Calloway recognized his passion for the arts at the tender age of three and has been solely dedicated to his artistic endeavors ever since. He honed the technical aspects of the arts at the Center for Creative Studies, then continued his practice at the Greektown Lofts, where his studio has famously remained. Calloway’s meticulous constructions, intentional brush strokes, and bold use of colors has resulted in a signature style that is known and beloved throughout the city and beyond.

The winner of the Plowshares Theatre Company Sankofa Arts Award, Calloway’s work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions with such organizations as the Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Arts Extended Gallery, Delta Sigma Theta, Liberal Arts Gallery, and National Conference of Artists Gallery.

SOLD!!! — Donald Calloway. Blue Angel. 6″ x 12″ ea.  Acrylic, mixed-media on wood. $185

Donald Calloway. Fly Girl I, 2019. 12″ x 20″ Acrylic, mixed-media on wood. $200

Donald Calloway. Fly Girl II, 2019. 12″ x 20″ Acrylic, mixed-media on wood. $200

Donald Calloway. Mask, 2019. 10″ x 14″ Acrylic, mixed-media on wood. $350


Donald Calloway. Mask II, 2019. 8″ x 12″ ea.  Acrylic, mixed-media on wood. $275

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Kayla Childress

Come see us to view the Gift of Art Exhibition in person, or meet the artists (and purchase!) right here on-line. Please allow us to introduce you to Kayla Childress, a featured artist in the show. Check out her work and statements below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of her art, Happy Holidays and stay safe!

IG: @kaylalynnexoxo

An emerging and studying artist, Kayla Childress applies her growing understanding of art through different media and techniques. Varying styles allow Childress to tell deeply meaningful and autobiographical stories, and portray what she envisions for the compositional aspects or the emotion in her art.  She currently enjoys using a wide range of mediums from different paints, mixed medias, inks, charcoal, clay or anything that just “feels right” to complete an idea. The progression of each work, and the feelings that come out of it, pushes her toward new concepts, broader forms of expression, and fresh ways to express herself within her art.

Kayla Childress. Ubiquitous, 2020. 30″ x 32″  Acrylic on canvas. $450

Thank you to my dearest friend who inspired the manifestations with in “Ubiquitous”. I really wanted to show that the portrait study was influenced constantly by blue from anywhere and everywhere as anentire being. That blue isn’t just a color for Lucritia, its her grandmothers glass, happiness, blue is the colors of her walls, or a lyric by her favorite artist, blue brings her pure comfort. Just like the blue in her life this portrait has extended far becoming this final form from photos, multimedia, a poem, to outlines, and now this painting. However far the progression of this piece has gone its always stayed blue, just like my dearest friend making me a little blue too. “Blue is the depths of the seas and the heights of the sky, Blue is hello and it is goodbye, Blue is the beginning and the end, Blue is my dearest friend” — Lucritia Trotter

Kayla Childress. Free Soul, 2020. (3x)4″ x 12″  Gouache on canvas. $150

Colors moving through and around your entire being. Different hues and tints while the sun rises and while the sun sets. Streets make me feel safe and the colors in the city make me feel free. Color is everywhere even through me.

SOLD!!! — Kayla Childress. Twin Flame, 2020. 29.5″ x 51″  Oil on canvas, framed. $500

This artwork is a representation of being able to be with your soul mate, and not allowing the world to disadvantage you for it. In October 2020 me and my wife had photos taken for our 6th year wedding anniversary. Even with our marriage being unsoundly threatened at the state to be unrecognizable by our government, we reflected and hoped that humans will still advance. There once was no fire and now there’s not enough equal human rights. Hope is all we can have for worldly views advancing because our love is something special that I know will never die out, and not even the government could extinguish it.

Kayla Childress. Chronic Depression, 2020. 33″ x 26.5″  Acrylic on canvas, framed. $380

I painted this at a time in my life when I felt pushed down by depression but accepted peace in knowing that the storm would be calm once again. “Chronically loosing grip on what is real, it’s hard to understand exactly how to feel, the waves are great heights I am drowning – sinking fast, yet I know, this too shall pass.”

SOLD!!! — Kayla Childress. Christmas Wallflower, 2020. 20″ x 24″  Oil on canvas. $200

This piece is about wanting more than just a search for happiness within the Christmas spirit of trees. Its also about the pressure that holidays entail while still willingly choosing to participate. I feel like a Christmas Wallflower because I am a (wallflower) – “someone with an introverted personality type (or in more extreme cases, social anxiety) who will attend parties and social gatherings, but will usually distance themselves from the crowd and actively avoid being in the limelight.”.

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Dawud Shabazz

Thanks to all who have come out to help make this show a success! If you haven’t been able to make it, that’s totally understandable. That’s why we’ve made the entire show available on-line! Meet Dawud Shabazz, one of our esteemed Gift of Art exhibiting artists. Read on to learn more about Shabazz and his work. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to own (or gift!) one of his artistic works.

Dawud Shabazz. Eye Am Here #3, 2020. 22″ x 24″  Mixed media on masonite. $300

Growing up in Detroit, Dawud Shabazz found himself surrounded by creativity and it had a great influence on him. At around age seven, he sketched a portrait of his mother. She was so proud that he knew at that moment,  that being an artist is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  He uses many different mediums – such as acrylic paints, glitter, enamel, sand and other textured elements. – and believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to his artistic process. “Each idea manifests a life of it’s own.”

African American artists such as Charles McGee, Judy Bowman, Ed Terrell, Richard Mayhew, and Kerry James Marshall have left the greatest impression upon him as an artist.

Dawud Shabazz. What Matters Is What eye See, 2018. 24″ x 36″  Mixed media on masonite. $400

Dawud Shabazz. Butterfly Convention, 2020. 36″ x 36″  Mixed media on masonite. $500

Dawud Shabazz. Are You Coming From or Leading To?, 2020. 24″ x 28″  Mixed media on masonite. $450

Dawud Shabazz. My Mother In Eye, 2020. 30″ x 36″  Mixed media on masonite. $500

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Judy Bowman

The Gift of Art Holiday exhibition runs through January 3, 2021. But, if you haven’t made it to the gallery, can’t make it, or just want a second look: Here ya go! Meet distinguished Detroit artist, Judy Bowman, who consigned this powerful Detroit-themed series for the show, Warning: They are going fast!

IG: @judybowmanartist
SOLD!!! — Judy Bowman. Living for the City (Van Dyke), 2020. 12″ x 12″  Acrylic, mixed media on canvas. $350

Born on the East side of Detroit, Michigan in 1952, Judy Bowman lived in the community that was commonly known as Black Bottom. She attended Detroit Public Schools and Spelman College, where she began studying art. After graduation, life happened and Bowman’s art work took a 35 year pause – no creating art, whatsoever. When she retired, she began again, highlighting her culture through her art — her looking glass into the past, present and future of African-Americans with style and grace. Her work focuses on the environment of a mighty people. Deliberately and consciously employing her “mixed-media style”,  she brings bright colors, varied materials, and facial expressions to life. Bowman was a 2016 and 2017 Bombay Sapphire Regional Finalist. She also won the 2016 Spirit of the City Ford Arts, Beats, & Eats Award. Her work has been exhibited in the Detroit Charles Wright Museum, several galleries in Detroit, and can be found in many private collections in Detroit, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

SOLD!!! — Judy Bowman. Living for the City (8 Mile), 2020. 12″ x 12″  Acrylic, mixed media on canvas. $350

SOLD!!! — Judy Bowman. Living for the City (Livernois), 2020. 12″ x 12″  Acrylic, mixed media on canvas. $350


SOLD!!! — Judy Bowman. Living for the City (Mack), 2020. 12″ x 12″  Acrylic, mixed media on canvas. $350


Artist, Judy Bowman




SOLD!!! (Not pictured) — Judy Bowman. Living for the City (Joy Rd), 2020. 12″ x 12″  Acrylic, mixed media on canvas. $350

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Warren Wells

The Gift of Art Exhibition has been going exceedingly well, and we are grateful to everyone who has come out (and will still be able to come out) to see the show. But, for those of you who cannot, we’re brining the show to you! Meet featured Detroit artist, Warren Wells.  Just give us a shout to purchase or learn more about Warren’s work:


Warren Wells. Avocado Toast, 2018. 36″ x 60″ Oil on canvas$475

Detroit raised painter Warren Wells is a griot of sorts.  He tries to capture individuals, history, and places in time.  A visual record so to speak.  At times, even imaginary places are represented.  Warren is grateful to the many friends and family members who have been a part of his journey…and is thankful for their love, patience and encouragement.  Warren is a graduate of Detroit’s Finney High School and San Diego State University.  After almost 40 years as an artist, he feels he still has a voice, and is grateful to God to be able to express it.

In this series Warren is looking at the deeper essence of our existence; the abstract nature of our being and of the planet.

Warren Wells. Seed Pods, 2018. 20″ x 24″  Oil on canvas$350

Warren Wells. Metamorphosis, 2018. 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas. $325

Warren Wells. Smoke and Mirrors, 2020. 18″ x 30″ Oil on canvas  $500

Warren Wells. Elements, 2020. 36″ x 48″  Oil on canvas $475

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“Gift of Art”: SHOP THE SHOW with Melissa Vize

If you can’t make it to the gallery to take in the Gift of Art Holiday Exhibition, no worries, just stay tuned and enjoy all the wonderful art and artists of the show RIGHT HERE! Please meet Melissa Vize, a fine art photographer who takes pride in documenting the, sometimes whimsical, beauty of our great city. If you’re interested in purchasing any of Melissa’s work, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

from the Irwin House Gallery Collection
Melissa Vize. New Beginnings Disguised as Painful Endings, 2018. 24″ x 36″ Digital photography on gallery-wrapped canvas. $397

Melissa Vize
began serious photography in 2017, when she purchased her first digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). Prior to that, she was exploring all over the city of Detroit with her cell phone and documenting its landscape, architecture, culture, and the evidence of change.  Vize learned to master framing and that propelled her into a love of photography. With a focus on urban life, particularly in the City of Detroit, her most trusted city lens is the Canon 17-40mm L series. She considers herself fortunate to have captured Detroit between 2016 and 2019, during a low-pitched period of rapid transformation. Today, most of her photos are taken early in the morning when the city is quiet, as it used to be. Vize shoots low and likes to focus on depth of field and reflections. The resulting imagery reflects the way her brain operates: She finds, sees and understands the big picture first, then fill in the details later.

SOLD!!! — Melissa Vize. More Value Than Words, 2018. 24″ x 36″ Digital photography on gallery-wrapped canvas. $397

Melissa Vize. #1 Complaint, 2019. 24″ x 36″ Digital photography on gallery-wrapped canvas. $397

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