Don’t forget the block by John Sims | Detroit Metro Times

As his residency comes to a close, Irwin House Artist-in-Residence, John Sims reflects on his time in Detroit in this heartfelt Metro Times piece with a message for us all….

Don’t forget the block

What I learned returning to my childhood
neighborhood for an artist residence

By John Sims


“As we move through the holiday season into the new year, there is much to enjoy and think about: family, friends and fellowship. This is the time to share stories, laughter, food, gifts, and to entertain the children and indulge the elders, visit loved ones, and remember the ones who have passed. And in a place like Detroit, a place in transition, where rebirth meets decay, there is an open invitation to reflect on both the past and future of stories of all sorts, connections of all kinds, and physical spaces that have anchored our memories to a sense of community and neighborly togetherness….”


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